5 Tips to Make Packing a Moving Truck a Breeze!

You've set your sights on a new home and have taken care of all the logistics. But there's one item left on your list that's been bothering you—packing the moving truck. Any reputable Rock Valley moving company will tell you that while this task might seem daunting, it's possible to do it if you know a few tips and tricks of the trade!

1. Plan Ahead

The fact of the matter is this: planning ahead can save you a lot of time and headaches later on. Make sure you defrost your fridge and freezer at least two days before the big move (if anything - you'll have a great excuse to order in!). Disassemble any furniture you possibly can - bed frames, couches, shelves - whatever will help you save room. Make sure to keep any screws or fasteners in separate labelled bags

2. Wrap, Wrap, WRAP!

Most damage incurred during moves happens when two items rub against one another in the back of the moving truck. Save your furniture, money, and time by generously wrapping your items. If you're not sure whether if something needs wrapping or not, wrap it. That way, your valuables will stay safe for your move in Rock Valley. Movers will be able to provide you with furniture padding and plastic wrap if you require additional materials.

3. Prepare the Truck

Make sure you've done everything you can to prepare your moving truck for your big move. Ensure you have any necessary equipment (dollies, straps, and fasteners). Make sure your ramp is secure to help you avoid accidents and injury. It's also advisable to line the bottom of the truck with a tarp or packing paper to keep your items from getting dusty or dirty on the way.

4. Load Like an Expert

The secret to securing your items during a move is to evenly disperse the weight—put your washer and dryer on opposite sides, and keep heavy items along the walls of the truck. Your heaviest items should stay on the bottom layer of the truck so that lighter, more fragile items won't get damaged. Make sure you secure each layer separately (each 3 feet or so) - that way, you won't have boxes tumbling around during the move.

5. Hire Rock Valley Movers You Can Trust

If you're looking for assistance with your local move, hiring a Rock Valley moving company can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. As the most trusted Rock Valley movers, Brouwer Relocation can provide packing assistance and professional local moving services so you won't have to worry!

Call us now to book your free, in-home estimate—and to learn more about how we can help with your local move!

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