The inside of a storage warehouse

There are many storage facilities in the Sioux Falls area, but they aren’t all the same. That’s why it’s important to do a little research before you choose which short-term or long-term storage company you’re going to trust with your belongings.

Whether you’re storing a few items or everything you own, here are some things to consider when choosing a storage company.

Sizes of Available Units
There are various sizes of units available ranging from the size of a small closet to those large enough to store an entire household of furniture, cars, and more. When searching for a Sioux Falls storage facility, make sure that they offer the size you need and that they’ll have one available in that size during the time you’ll need it.

Types of Units
Some types of storage units to consider include extended-height storage, vehicle storage, self-storage, and warehouse storage. Which is right for you depends on factors such as:

  • What You’re Storing
  • How Long You’re Storing It
  • How Often You’ll Need Access to It
  • If You’re Able to Move the Items Yourself

If you’re not sure which is right for you, talk to a local storage company for guidance.

Climate-Controlled Options

If you’re storing sensitive items, such as electronics, artwork, antiques, or musical instruments, you’ll want to choose a climate-controlled storage facility. These typically cost a bit more than a unit that isn’t climate-controlled, but they will protect your belongings from being damaged by changes in temperature or humidity.

Available Vehicle Storage

If you’re storing a vehicle, including cars, boats, or RVs, you’ll need to ask if the facility you’re considering is able to handle such a request. Some Sioux Falls storage companies do not offer vehicle storage, but many do, so it probably won’t be difficult to find what you need.

Commercial Storage Options

Are you storing items for your business? Some storage facilities specialize in commercial storage solutions—and many go beyond just providing a place to keep some of your items. Sioux Falls commercial storage companies may also provide records management, warehousing, and more.

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