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Brouwer Relocation, Inc. is an agent of STI (Specialized Transportation, Inc.), and proudly sells their HomeExpress service nationwide to manufacturers and appliance businesses to name a few. We understand the importance of providing businesses with a seamless home delivery service. Your customer becomes a HomeExpress customer. STI agents can deliver a few products or multiple products to a home or business in a time-efficient manner, direct from the factory to the customer.

All STI agents - nationwide - have great attention to detail and their careful service has been appreciated in over 7 million homes. As part of the home delivery service, STI agents deliver the item(s), and also do a pre-inspection of the home or business, as well as the surrounding area for an easy access point; place the product in the exact location their customer wants it in; and even provides assembly for technically difficult installations. Debris is removed after the unpacking process. The HomeExpress nationwide fleet of lift gate equipped trucks is designed to handle a diverse range of products of every shape and size, including but not limited to the following items:

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Furniture (Home, Office, Outdoor)
  • Appliances
  • Tanning Beds
  • Arcade Games
  • Gun Safes
  • Hot Tubs
  • Pool Tables
  • Electronics
  • Home Medical Equipment

Brouwer Relocation, Inc. can provide this service locally for businesses. Your product is delivered in top-shelf condition, and your customer only has to direct us to where they would like the item placed. Call us today to ask any questions you may have about our home delivery services, both local and as an agent of STI.

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