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As the person in charge of a commercial relocation, it can feel like there is a million things to consider and keep track of. One of the biggest concerns for many business owners is minimizing downtime; the industry term for the length of time in which your business is not able to operate normally.

Long periods of downtime within a commercial move can quickly create a massive financial headache. To help ease your South Dakota relocation process, we have compiled a list of the three biggest pointers we've learned in our 55 years of experience at Brouwer Relocation.

1. Considering Strategic Timing

Perhaps the simplest solution on our list, planning your moving dates strategically can drastically impact the financial losses your company might face during your move. Picking packing, transportation, and move-in dates that fall during the off-season for your business, or choosing non-working hours—like weekends—as often as possible can make all the difference. 

When it comes to corporate relocation, the more of your relocation process that can take place during non-peak business hours, the better. Remember, you can not lose valuable income if your move takes place during time the company was already going to be inoperative!

2. Prioritize Organization Within Your Team

The organization of your corporate or office move is the single biggest predictor of the speed at which you'll be able to relocate. We recommend frequent meetings within your team to keep everyone on the same page, and using additional organizational tools like:

  • Shared To-Do Lists
  • Detailed Planners
  • Multiple-Stage Deadlines
  • Delegating Leadership Roles and Dividing Tasks

When you break your move up into smaller stages and set hard deadlines for each stage, moving becomes much more manageable. This way, once the time comes to make the physical move to your new location, you're already ready-to-go and the process can smoothly fall into place.

3. Enlisting Help From Professionals

While a commercial move can absolutely be completed without the assistance of a moving and storage company, there are many benefits to choosing professional help. As a business owner or manager, you have countless considerations to keep track of. Professional moving companies have the resources, experience, and knowledge to take some of the mental and physical load from your team and streamline your commercial relocation. 

Consider the following time-saving benefits:

  • Strict Deadline Adherence
  • Professional Move Coordinators
  • Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Storage Services
  • Records Management Expertise
  • Efficient Packing

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