Are you new to Sioux Falls? Do you have kids? Are you desperately looking for something to do?

If so, you’ve stopped at the right place. Below you’ll find three attractions that will make your kids smile, laugh, and, inevitably, cry when you tell them it’s time to go home:

The Corn Palace

The Corn Palace has been in existence since 1892, when it was still called “The Corn Belt Exposition.” It’s where early settlers in Sioux Falls could display their harvests – showing off the beautiful vegetables they grew in the fertile soil of South Dakota.

Today, the Corn Palace has many uses. Its stages make it a perfect venue for almost any performer, from magicians to musicians to theater companies. It’s also used to host sporting events that are entertaining for the whole family.

Best of all: It looks truly majestic from the outside – almost like a modern day castle. It’s sure to grab (and maintain) your kids’ attention!

The Great Plains Zoo

Who doesn’t love going to the zoo – especially when the list of animals you can see goes on and on and on.

The Great Plains Zoo is filled with amazing animals, including those native to the African Savannah! The zoo is also home to a variety of birds, bugs, amphibians and Asians cats. Your children can also learn from educational animals like the Eastern Screech Owl and Burmese Python.

Another element that makes the zoo so special is the endangered animals it houses. Get close to the Amur Tiger, Red Panda, White-Winged Wood Duck, and Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby – all extremely fascinated creatures your kids are going to love being around!

The Sioux Falls Arena

There’s always something brewing at the Sioux Falls Arena – a great place to get together with the family for a great show at a great price!

Does your child like basketball? Then bring them out to see the Harlem Globetrotters!

How about Mickey Mouse? Anybody interested in meeting him? Then book your seat for Disney Live!

Sioux Falls Arena has something for everyone – including you and yours.

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