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Do you have an upcoming move? You have probably been planning, packing, and coordinating for weeks now! If moving day is almost here, you may be wondering about how to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

As a premier Sioux Falls moving and storage company, customers often ask us how to prepare for moving day. Below is our ultimate moving day checklist to help you enjoy a successful relocation.

1.) Last-Minute Packing

You have been packing for what feels like forever, but you still have the tiniest bit to do. Be sure to round up and pack your last few essentials, which may include things like toiletries, bedding, and kitchen supplies.

2.) Get Your Cleaning and Packing Supplies in Order

The last thing you probably want to do right now is clean but having a few basic cleaning supplies on hand during move-in day is a great idea. You might have a few things to wipe down before you leave or when you arrive at your new place so be sure to have things like paper towels and cleaning spray at your disposal.

It is also a good idea to have some packing supplies ready in case you need a few additional boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, a marker, or scissors. As a full-service moving company, we can bring the packing supplies with us for your convenience!

3.) Get Your Overnight Bag Ready

If you haven’t yet packed an overnight bag, now is the time. Include your everyday toiletries, necessary medications, a change of clothes, pajamas, some snacks, and some water. Having these supplies ready will make it easier to settle in once you arrive at your destination.

4.) Plan out Your Unpacking Strategy

It is wise to have an unpacking strategy. We recommend labeling your boxes by room so that our expert residential movers can put the boxes in their designated areas upon arrival. Decide which boxes will need to be unpacked first so that you are ready to get going by the time you arrive at your new place.

5.) Charge Electronics

Ensure that all your electronics, especially phones, are charged. Keeping in touch with your movers and family members will be essential throughout the day.

6.) Greet Your Moving Team

When your moving team arrives, the action really gets started! As a leading moving and storage company, the movers at Brouwer Relocation Company are uniformed, screened, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind. Our crew will show up smiling and ready to work.

7.) Do Your Final Walk-Through

Do a final walk-through of your old place, drop off any keys, and say goodbye once and for all. It’s time to go to your new place!

8.) Start Unpacking

If you have the energy upon arrival, you can do a bit of basic unpacking. Start with the essentials, which may include kitchen supplies and bedding. Remember that there will be plenty of time to unpack in the coming days.

9.) Relax

You did it! Moving day is over and you are probably tired. Relax, grab some good food, explore your new neighborhood, and bask in the comfort of your new place.

How Brouwer Relocation Company Can Help with Your Move

For over 50 years now, we have proudly assisted Sioux Falls residents with their moving needs and we would be delighted to help you as well. From residential moves and commercial moves to specialized moves and storage, we are fully equipped to help you enjoy a smooth and seamless move. Reach out today for an estimate.