Two movers wrapping a chair in plastic

Your furniture is some of the largest and most expensive pieces you’ll move during your upcoming relocation. Make sure all of your furniture is well protected as you prepare, pack, and transport your items. Take a look at the following ways you can best prepare your furniture to ensure it’s well-protected through the entire moving process.

Preparing Your Furniture

Before you begin packing your furniture, make sure you have the right materials on hand. Stretch wrap is a great start to properly wrapping furniture pieces because it allows you to keep furniture with many pieces together. Pairing stretch wrap with corner protectors and bubble wrap adds extra protection to delicate areas.

Packing Your Furniture

Make sure your furniture is clean so that dust and dirt don’t cause damage as you tightly wrap your pieces. As you clean, you can disassemble large pieces to make them easier to carry. Place all of your hardware into a clear plastic bag so that you can quickly see what’s inside. Then label the bag and tape it to your furniture so it’s all together.

Moving Your Furniture

Start packing your truck by filling it with your heaviest and largest items first. Instead of lifting heavy furniture by yourself, utilize handy tools such as dollies or lifts. Secure your furniture onto your moving truck by using tie down straps that prevent pieces from moving around. This will prevent furniture from bumping into smaller boxes. You should also use moving blankets to cover your furniture and prevent small dings during transportation.

Before you bring furniture into your new home, cover walls in high-traffic spaces to protect furniture against tight corners. Make sure you measure your doorframes beforehand to ensure your new pieces will fit.

Hire Professional Movers to Properly Protect Your Furniture Pieces

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