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When you have a move coming up on your horizon, we know how stressful it can feel. Especially if you're hiring long-distance movers, this process isn't always cheap. A lot of people need creative ways they can save money throughout this process.

In this blog, we'll share a few tips and tricks that show you how you can save money during your move. But before we do that, we thought we would tell you more about us.

Since 1969, Brouwer Relocation has been the most trusted moving and storage company in Sioux Falls, offering comprehensive solutions for your home. Earning awards like an A+ rating from the BBB and hundreds of online reviews from satisfied customers, it's clear why we're a favorite in South Dakota.

Have a Garage Sale

This is one of the most popular things that people will do to save money during their move. The process will be shorter with fewer items to move, leading to less expense. And you can use the extra money you make during the sale to put towards your moving needs.

Use Household Fabrics for Packing

Instead of buying packing material that you'll end up throwing away after the move, use blankets and other soft materials in your home to pack your fragile items with. Doing this will save you money and space in the moving truck.

Donate Non-Perishable Foods

Along with your clothing and fabrics, you can save tons of space by donating non-perishable food items. Take a look online to find the nearest food bank to you.

Consider Donating Clothes

Donating is always a great thing to be involved in. When you donate items that you don't necessarily need anymore, you'll be saving space in the moving truck.

Check Your Self Storage

Empty out your self-storage locker ahead of time. While the moving company will be happy to make extra stops along the way, these additional stops will start to add up over time.

Look for Reusable Moving Supplies

Moving companies will generally have reusable supplies for you to use. Large boxes like wardrobe boxes that can be provided at no additional cost will be a big cash saver.

Choose Someone Who Works with Your Budget

Shop around and find a moving and storage company that can fulfill your needs without breaking the bank. Always ask for a free estimate, and don't choose a moving company that you believe will be too expensive.

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