When it comes to moving, extra care and attention are given to expensive or delicate items. The truth is, many fabrics in your home hold that same value and need extra care too. Here are seven tips to help you safely relocate your fabric during a residential move.

Casual Clothing

Packing up everyday wear doesn't have to be complicated. Refrain from overloading boxes with heavy materials if you put clothing in boxes. You can leave most of these items in furniture drawers. Residential movers will secure the furniture during a move to ensure drawers stay closed.

Formal Attire

Suppose you have several business suits, evening dresses, or formal wear. In that case, you'll want to protect them from wrinkles during the move. Prevent the need for dry cleaning at the new location by using a tall wardrobe box to hang clothing during relocation.

Cherished Items

If you have décors like custom craftwork or intricate quilts, chances are they hold sentimental value, which is irreplaceable. Protect these pieces by using plastic totes to move them. When the move is over, these bins can be used as storage throughout the year.


Many people choose to leave curtains behind, but if you purchased expensive custom curtains, you'd want to bring those. Hang curtains over a hanger and place them inside a wardrobe bag for safekeeping.

Fabric Artwork & Antique Furniture

Regarding artwork or antique furniture, it may be worth speaking with your residential mover about custom crating. Canvass artwork is beautiful and expensive. The lack of a protective background will make it vulnerable during a move.

Mattresses & Box Springs

These bulky items risk snags or stains during the moving process. In most cases, a simple mattress bag is enough to provide some protection. However, more durable mattress cardboard boxes can also be purchased.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

Protect your sofas, ottomans, or accent chairs by adding a layer of shrink wrap around them. Shrink wrap will protect fabric furniture from dirt and scuffs. Your professional movers will have extra padding to place around them during transport.

For an effortless relocation, speak with an experienced long distance mover. Brouwer Relocation Inc has served South Dakota with more than fifty years of reliable household relocations. Get a free quote today.