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Using the services of a professional moving and storage company is a terrific way to streamline your moving experience. Residential movers ease the stress of packing and moving and will save you time compared to handling everything yourself. It would help if you were made aware that there are some items and materials that moving companies will not allow on their trucks, whether it is for safety reasons or the fact that the items might not survive a move, especially a long-distance move. We will take a look at some of the more common items that aren’t generally allowed on the back of a moving truck and what you can do about the situation. 

Garage and Patio Items 

Landscaping tools like lawnmowers and weedwhackers need to be drained of all of their fuel and oil before they can be safely moved. If you have a grill that runs on propane, then you need to disengage the tank from the grill before loading it on the truck. You can take your propane tank to a retailer that sells propane; often, these places will purchase your tank from you. If you happen to have any gardening supplies, such as fertilizer, you need to find a proper way to dispose of them. Because it is a fire hazard, it is not safe to travel with any fertilizer for safety reasons.  


Houseplants are a fantastic way to liven up any living area, but when you need to move, they can cause a logistics issue. Because they are so frail and finicky, there is a good chance they won’t survive a move, especially a long-distance move. If you are for certain that they must move with you, make sure that they have plenty of room in your vehicle and that there is no chance that anything will fall on them, causing damage. If possible, and you aren’t too attached, ask your friends and family members if they would like to receive them. 

Cleaning Supplies 

Moving companies don’t allow cleaning supplies on their moving truck because they are a fire hazard, and you shouldn’t travel with them either. You should find a local establishment to dispose of them safely.    

Food and Perishable Items 

Food items like meat and dairy need constant refrigeration to prevent them from spoiling. This makes it unwise to travel long distances with them.  

Keep your perishable food items at a minimum leading up to your move. If you can’t entirely deplete your stash of food that requires refrigeration, then you should dispose of it before moving. 

Guns and Ammo 

Moving companies will not allow you to pack your firearms and ammunition on their trucks. This makes them your responsibility to transport safely to your new home. If this is a long-distance move, you need to learn the local gun laws of the states you will be traveling through to ensure that you don’t accidentally break any gun laws.  

If you have an extensive collection or don’t feel comfortable driving with your guns, you can contact special shipping companies that you can hire to ship them to your new home. 

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