As you’re getting ready for your long-distance move, you may be eyeing that pile of boxes in the corner, wondering how you’re going to move them all. While the easiest way to move is by hiring a team of professional movers like those at Brouwer Relocation, some residents may choose to move some of their boxes themselves.

Handling even part of a move on your own is something that the inexperienced person should just jump into. Packing or lifting boxes the wrong way can cause a serious injury that doesn’t just delay your moving plans but can interfere with your health well into the future.

At Brouwer Relocation, our South Dakota long-distance movers are highly trained in the art of moving. We would like to share our moving advice with our customers to help you stay safe every step of the way during your relocation.


While your instinct may be to fill each box to the brim, don’t fall into that trap. Overloading boxes can make them dangerously heavy. No one wants to deal with a hurt back any day of the year, let alone on moving day. Use as many boxes as you need, stocking up on the well ahead of time. Be sure to keep a clear path throughout your home to reduce the risk of slips. For instance, roll up the throw rugs and keep tools and other small items out of the way.


Take a look at the bottom of your shoes. Is the tread worn down on them? If so, you’ll want to choose another pair to wear as you’re maneuvering around corners and stepping onto the moving truck. Shoes with slick surfaces are simply a disaster waiting to happen, especially if you're relocating in icy or snowy South Dakota weather. Instead, opt for broken-in athletic shoes with a good grip to keep you stable as you’re walking throughout the house and outdoors. Closed-toe shoes are a must to prevent injury. Tie long hair back to keep it out of your eyes. Wear loose-fitting clothing that won’t get in the way.


It’s not uncommon for people to forget to eat and stay hydrated when they’re busy on an exciting project like moving. Keep in mind that not drinking enough water or eating enough calories can make you lightheaded and weak. Fainting while lifting a heavy couch or another object could quickly turn into a very dangerous situation. Eat a good breakfast and keep plenty of snacks and water around throughout the day for you and anyone helping you move.

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