Benefits of Offseason Move

There are a lot of details that go into planning a move. Whether you're moving across town or the country, it can be stressful trying to make plans and schedule your relocation. However, you may not know that your moving date may impact some services and flexibility available to you. At Brouwer Relocation, our residential movers in Sioux Falls are committed to helping you get the most out of your move. Here is a list of the three best benefits of moving during the offseason, as described by our experts. 

Benefits of an Offseason Move

Just like sports, there is an offseason for movers. Most people move between May and September because of good weather and kids being out of school for the summer. However, while late spring and summer are great times to move because of convenience, professional moving companies are busier. While most moving companies won't sacrifice the quality of their service when they're busy, they may be short-staffed and overscheduled, which could impact the services they can provide. 

Scheduling a move during the offseason—October to April—allows you to work with movers who have the time and flexibility to offer you benefits that they may be unable to provide during the peak season, including:

  1. Flexible Scheduling: By moving during the offseason, your move may be able to be completed ahead of schedule because fewer customers are fighting for your movers' time and resources. In addition, if a last-minute move or need arises, it's easier for you to receive all the help and attention you need for a stress-free relocation. 
  2. Quicker Delivery: Because your movers are not as busy during the offseason, they can deliver your items to your new home sooner than they otherwise might be able to. During the peak season, they may be too busy to ship your larger furniture to your home promptly. Instead, they may have to wait until they have the staff and time to do so, or they may wait until other clients are moving in the same direction you are. 
  3. Discounted Services: Due to less demand for their services, some moving companies offer discounts on their services or packing materials during the offseason. Therefore, you may be able to move for cheaper during the offseason than you would during the peak moving season. 

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