Everyone owns a few large and delicate items that need extra care when being moved. In this case, many homeowners hire furniture movers who can properly handle their valuable items. But that’s not always possible. Or you might want to do the packing of these items yourself ahead of a move.

If you are worried about how well your belongings will do during transport, you can take a few steps to protect them. As a leading moving and storage company serving the Sioux Falls area, Brouwer Relocation recommends the following tips:

1. Choose the Best Packing Methods & Materials

Before you start moving any large, fragile items you’ll want to assess them to determine the best packing method to keep them secure in transit. For instance, large furniture, like a dining room table, or a musical item like a piano, may not need a lot of packing materials. It can be wrapped in moving pads and secured with ropes or bands. From here it’s a matter of carefully transporting it to the new destination.

Some other kinds of packing methods and their uses are:

  • Custom Crating: Ideal for smaller furniture, sculptures, artwork, and glasswork

  • Dish Boxes: Cardboard boxes with special inserts for glasses, mugs, and plates

  • TV Boxes: Flat cardboard boxes that are available in commonly found television sizes

2. Inventory All of Your Items Before Packing

Since many fragile items are also valuable items, like electronics, artwork, and pianos, you’ll want to have an accurate inventory of them. Create a list of these items with a physical description and retail value for each. You should also take a picture of each item in your home, so you have proof of ownership.

3. Purchase Full Valuation Coverage on Expensive Items

If you plan on using specialized movers to help with your relocation, you can also obtain some extra protection for your fragile items in the form of full valuation coverage. Most furniture moving companies in and around Sioux Falls offer Released Valuation Coverage free of charge. However, this coverage only reimburses you a certain amount based on the weight of the item. 

Full valuation coverage costs a small amount upfront but is well worth it. This coverage reimburses you based on the replacement value of your item.

4. Break Down Items as Much as Possible

Many large and fragile items have moving parts and removable components that can become damaged in shipment. Take the time to breakdown these items as much as possible. Or ask your residential movers in Sioux Falls to do so before packing. 

Keep the loose components in smaller boxes and bags that are clearly labeled. If small enough you can even slip these bags into the crate or cardboard box with the fragile item to be moved. 

5. Take Care When Unpacking Items Later

It’s easy to damage fragile items during the unpacking process. If you are opening up a wooden crate, be careful with the pry bar to avoid hitting the item inside. Try to remove as much of the packing material around items as possible so you can see them clearly. Removing packing material will also make it easier to grab hold of the item. Don’t hesitate to get help lifting heavy items. It will minimize the chances of you dropping it and save your back.

Learn More About the Specialized Moving Services at Brouwer Relocation

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