Whether you are planning for a comfortable retirement or looking to be closer to family, you may need to make a long-distance relocation. If you want a seamless long-distance move, you need the help of an experienced Sioux Falls long-distance moving company. 

An experienced moving company knows all of the steps to make your move stress-free. Since 1969, Brouwer Relocation has perfected the long-distance moving process. To help make you and your senior relative’s move easy, here are a few tips. 

Work With a Moving Company That Shares Your Communication Preferences 

Communication during a long-distance move is crucial no matter the distance. During your long-distance relocation, you want to stay informed during the move. When choosing a moving company, you want to work with one who uses your preferred communication form. 

Whether you prefer texting or video calls, a high-quality moving company will be able to work with your requests. Before working with a company, ensure that they are willing to work with your preferred form of communication. 

Give Yourself Time For The Downsizing Process 

If you are helping a senior family member or friend move, they have likely accumulated lots of personal belongings. While downsizing before the move, you should provide yourself ample time for the process. 

It would be best to work together to determine which items are going with them and what items are being given away. Once you have decided on the items that won’t be on the trip, numerous charitable organizations will be happy to take them. 

Consider Using a Moving Company’s Packing & Unpacking Services 

Working with a moving company is the easiest way to ensure the long-distance relocation process goes smoothly. Having professional movers pack items will keep all of the personal belongings safe during the transport. 

If you are helping a relative plan a long-distance relocation from out-of-state, full-service packing and unpacking is a convenient option. Experienced movers can help pack all types of items, from fragile antiques to large furniture sets. 

Plan Relocating Medical Equipment Carefully

If you or a relative needs to relocate with medical equipment, you need to take extra care to ensure it arrives undamaged. While looking for a moving company, you should inquire about the steps they take to ensure that medical equipment arrives safely. 

You want medical equipment to function on arrival, so you should make sure that your moving provider takes the necessary steps. Reading reviews and testimonials is an excellent way to find a trustworthy mover. 

Coordinate Transporting People and Pets 

Minimizing stress on your loved ones and their pets is a big priority on a long-distance move. While you are coordinating the relocation of items, you should also be planning how you will help them move comfortably. 

When planning on relocating pets, they should remain with their owners to reduce their stress and anxiety. If you can accompany a relative during the drive or flight, this can reduce relocation stress. 

Sioux Falls Award-Winning Long-Distance Moving Company 

Brouwer Relocation is a family-owned long-distance moving company that provides a full range of moving services. We provide packing, furniture wrapping, custom crating for fragile items, unpacking, and storage options. 

As an Atlas Van Lines agent, we have a moving network that allows our Sioux Falls long-distance movers to handle moves of all types. To learn more about our moving services and help your senior relocation be stress-free, contact us today! 

Call to speak with one of our moving specialists or fill out the online quote form to get started.