Do you have the time and resources to manage your move alone? If you do, then a quick DIY relocation could work just fine. Simply purchase some professional packing supplies and be on your way. However, if you have more important things to focus on, then hiring full-service movers is your best bet. 

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not always. Before you make a final decision, ask yourself these three important questions: 

What do full-service movers do? 

The goal of any reliable full-service moving company is to provide you with a safe, simple, and cost-effective relocation. A lot of work goes into this, starting with a custom moving plan. You will meet with a moving expert and discuss the details of your relocation and select the service options that work best for you. This can include: 

  • Providing all packing supplies and materials. 
  • Careful packing of your entire household. 
  • Furniture disassembly. 
  • Loading and unloading boxes onto the moving truck. 
  • Debris removal. 
  • Unpacking after arriving at your new location. 
  • Disposal of packing materials. 
  • Short-term and/or long-term storage. 

What will I need to do? 

That depends. There might be some items you prefer to pack on your own, and you have every right to do so. When it comes to loading the moving truck or van, it’s best to leave that to the pros to avoid injury to yourself or damage to your belongings. As for unpacking, your relocation company will assist you as much as you require. Do it yourself or sit back and relax! The bottom line is your full-service moving company is there to serve your every need while keeping you and your valuables safe. 

How do I find reliable full-service movers? 

Most moving companies can get you from one location to another, however, finding reliable service at a fair price is not always so simple. To avoid the cost and hassle of low-quality relocation services, check to make sure your mover is: 

  • Licensed, certified, and insured. 
  • Experienced in full-service relocation. 
  • Known for reliable customer service. 
  • Able to provide up-front pricing and custom moving plans. 

Is there any “right” way to conduct a safe relocation? There are many different options out there, and that’s a good thing because no two moves are exactly alike. So, the “right” solution for you depends on your individual needs. For a Sioux Falls full service moving company that will help solve your unique relocation challenges, call Brouwer Relocation for a free, no-obligation estimate! 

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