Tips for Moving Bulky Furniture and Appliances

Moving poses all kinds of challenges. Some of those challenges affect your budget, while others affect your peace of mind. Surprisingly, some of those challenges can also affect your health.

Moving bulky furniture is a huge challenge, and if not done properly, you could end up pulling a muscle, pinching your fingers, or even breaking a bone. Not to mention, all the damage you can do to your back if you aren't careful.

If you're planning a move that includes packing appliances and moving furniture, make sure you follow these tips.

Use the Right Equipment

In order to set yourself up for success, you have to think like local movers. That means setting yourself up for success by equipping yourself with the right moving equipment.

A list of equipment you should have on-hand on moving day includes:

  • Hand trucks
  • Forearm forklifts
  • Sliders
  • Blankets

Hand trucks make moving large items, like appliances, long distances very easy. Forearm forklifts can make moving furniture down stairs a lot easier. Sliders can make scooting large furniture to the door easier, while blankets will make sure everything remains undamaged as you carry it all to the truck.

Use the Right Techniques

Furniture and appliance movers are able to move bulky items day-in and day-out because they know the right way to move couches, refrigerators, and other large items. These are techniques you can use too.

Start by measuring the doorways before you get started. That way, you know how to weasel the couch out the front door before you get there. You should also plan out how the items are going to be arranged in the truck, and you should have straps ready to go for securing the items once they are arranged on the truck.

Don't use your back to move large furniture. That means squatting and bending with your knees when lifting heavy objects. Only lift from the strongest point on every appliance or piece of furniture, and avoid twisting your back while lifting and carrying those items.

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