Whether it’s a large household move across state lines or a small apartment transfer to a new building across the street, moving can be a stressful experience—no matter how simple or complex the situation.

Top 5 Things to Prepare for on Moving Day

Since 1969, Brouwer Relocation has helped thousands of Sioux Falls residents with superior local moving and long-distance moving services to new homes, offices, and commercial buildings across the United States. In that time, our family-owned company has established itself as one of the leading moving companies in the area, with superior relocation solutions and top-quality service.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to prepare for moving day, you’re in the right place. To help you make a smooth, organized move, take a look at our top five suggestions what to prepare for prior to moving day, brought to you by our expert movers at Brouwer Relocation.

1. Pack to Unpack

It may sound counterintuitive, but imagining how you’ll unpack is a smart way to pack for a move. Packing to unpack ensures that when you eventually arrive at your destination, you’ll have easy access to all of the essential items that you need immediate access to.

Start by putting together a box of essentials that you know you’ll need right away, perhaps your night clothing, bathroom utilities, medicines and some ready to wear outfits. Keep these things separate from the rest of your items and pack them last, so you’ll know exactly where they are when you need them.

Each of the boxes you pack should be structured in the same way, with the things you’ll need the most placed near the top. In the box of kitchen supplies, for example, pack a separate box of items you use regularly to use while you finish settling into your home, and perhaps a few food items for quick meals that are simple to prepare. For the bathrooms, gather toilet paper rolls, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a few towels, and put them where they can be easily accessed when needed.

2. Make Sure Your New House is Cleaned Before Arrival

Bathrooms and kitchens serve important functions in our homes, so you’ll want them to be up and running as soon as possible. If you can get access to your new home before the move, make sure they’re clean before you arrive to prevent any delay when moving day comes.

If you’re unable to check the premises yourself before then, contact a reputable moving company like Brouwer Relocation for help. Our team of moving experts can connect you with reliable cleaning services in the area to make sure your home is spic and span before you arrive.

3. Invest in Stretch Wrap

As any professional mover will tell you, stretch wrap is a miracle material that will become your best friend on moving day. This wrap can bind objects and boxes together with ease, meaning that you can quickly group your belongings together for fast, safe, and secure moving into your new home. Full-service packing companies can perform their best work when your boxes and crates are neatly organized this way, and will even do it for you should you wish to have your items professionally wrapped in time for moving day.

4. Photograph Electronic Setups

HDMI, SCART, VGA, audio cables, and devices—when it comes to moving electronics, things can get quite complicated. Most of the technology in our homes and offices have quite delicate and complex setups, and strict disassembly, transportation, and reassembly requirements. If you’re moving these items yourself, make sure to read the manuals of your electronic equipment to understand how to safely move them from point A to point B. Another great tip is to take photos of your electronics before you begin packing them up, so you’ll have a visual reference to follow when it’s time to set them up in your new home.

If you’re hiring professional movers to help, ask about their computer and technology moving options. Most full-service companies will offer specialized services to help customers safely move high-value items like computers, servers, printers, televisions, sound systems, and more.

5. If Renting, Don’t Forget the Walk-Through of Your New Home

Unpacking and organizing a new place can feel amazing, and it’s easy to get lost in the task of making yourself at home. If you’re renting, however, take some time to take photos of the condition of the house and note any damage you see for documentation. Doing a walk-through is fast and simple, and will give you and your landlord a reference of the status of the property and what it looked like on the day you moved in. It will also protect your security deposit so that you get back the full amount you deserve on the day you decide to move out.

Brouwer Relocation has earned a reputation as one of the top leading moving companies in Sioux Falls since 1969. For more information on moving in or from the Sioux Falls area, or to find out more details about our superior full-service moving solutions for residential and commercial relocation, give our team a call. You can also fill out our form to schedule a free, no-obligation price estimate for your upcoming move.