Brouwer Relocation: 5 Reasons to Move to Texas

Moving can be an emotional time, especially when that move is forced or unexpected. If you are moving to Texas and need a little encouragement, then this article is for you! There are some really great things Texans have to look forward to. From amazing opportunities, endless family fun, mouth-watering dining, and culture-rich experiences—after learning more about your new home, you might be wondering why you didn’t move to Texas sooner!

Here are 5 of the many things you will love about Texas life:

Career and Educational Opportunity

If you’re like many, you might be moving to Texas for work – and it’s no wonder –Texas has one of the lowest unemployment ratings in the county! As of 2017, some of the fastest-growing jobs include wind turbine servicing, healthcare, sales managers, lawyers, computer and IT professionals, mining engineers, and so much more.

Texas is also home to some of the best public schools for children and top universities including Texas A&M, Baylor University, and University of Houston.

Lower Cost of Living

Seems like everything costs more these days! One of the great things about Texas is their low cost of living. Not only is the cost below national average, Texans also enjoy the perks of having no personal income tax and no corporate income tax. Not bad, huh? On top of that, you have a wide-range of beautiful communities for virtually any budget.

Breathtaking Landscape

From pristine coastlines to awe-inspiring mountaintops, few states boast the natural beauty of Texas! Enjoy biking along a desert plain, trekking through a wooded path, camping at beautiful Big Bend, and spending a day at the Padre Island National Seashore. Just about any outdoors activity you can imagine can be not only enjoyed in Texas, but done bigger and better!

Amazing Food and Family Fun

When it comes to food, few states can match the variety and general awesomeness of Texas – so be forewarned – gaining a few pounds is practically a rite of passage for newcomers! From authentic Hispanic dishes to some of the biggest and best burgers you will ever sink your mouth into, nothing is off limits.

Once you’ve tasted the finer things in life, burn off those extra calories by enjoying some amazing attractions like Six Flags Over Texas, Splashway Waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge, and so much more!

Warm People and Warm Weather

You’ve never experienced "southern hospitality" until you move to Texas – where strangers smile and wave, drivers will actually let you in during traffic, and people still say, "yes ma'am and yes sir." In-fact, the only thing warmer than Texas people is Texas weather – which can be great for those who need to thaw out after living up north. Sure, it gets a bit too hot at times, but for most of the year the weather is moderate and beautiful.

Long Distance Moving Experts at Brouwer Relocation

If you and/or your family is moving to Texas, consider yourself lucky! Even if the move isn’t what you really wanted, at least there are many things you can look forward to when making the Lone Star State your new home. For an even better moving experience, go with the long-distance moving company Texans trust!

Brouwer Relocation is the leading choice for Sioux Falls movers, known for our full-service solutions, unbeatable prices, and Texas-worthy hospitality! Give us a call today!

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