Protecting your home and belongings during a move requires thorough preparation to make sure every surface is properly padded and covered. When Brouwer Relocation comes into your home, you can expect the careful attention to detail needed to protect ALL of your items and their surroundings. Here’s a look into our process to give you peace of mind that our residential movers do the job right.

Protecting Your Belongings

As a trusted Sioux Falls moving company, we live by the 3 P’s: Prep. Pad. Protect. We prepare by first assessing the environment before we move anything, asking ourselves, “Could this get damaged during the move?” If the answer is yes, we pad and protect it. Your door frames will get a thick layer of padding, railings will be wrapped with blankets and tape, and your floors will be covered with blankets to prevent scraping your carpet or other fragile flooring. Anything that we have to maneuver around will get the padding it needs to keep the home safe from the difficulties that come with moving larger items.

Loading Up the Truck

When everything is padded up and ready to go, our full service movers start loading the truck. Items are carefully arranged to keep them from shifting as the truck moves, and extra moving blankets are added to areas that appear vulnerable. As we unload the items in your new home, we keep everything packaged and padded to ensure the items get to the right room in top-condition.

Peace of Mind For Your Move

Finding quality household movers doesn’t need to be complex. With Brouwer Relocation, you can have confidence that your items are protected while knowing that only the best are assisting with your move. Contact us today to learn more about our various local and long distance moving services or submit our online form to receive a free quote!