For nearly 50 years, the pros at Brouwer Relocation have been helping families and businesses with all of their moving and storage needs, getting them anywhere in the world they need to go, quickly and easily. With our experience and affiliation with Atlas Van Lines, we pride ourselves on being able to tackle virtually any move, large or small.

Recently, Brouwer Relocation helped a client with a unique long-distance moving company challenge: from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a snow-covered small city nestled in the heart of America, to hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona, a capital city of 1.4 million people. So how did we do it?


Brouwer Relocation began this move like any other: with a detailed pre-move consultation. An expert walked through the entire moving process with the client, ensuring he understood everything the move would entail.

Also included in this consultation was a free in-home estimate, as well as tips to work with the extreme temperature shifts of this particular move.

When moving from cold to hot weather, it’s important to:

  • Make sure all walkways between the truck and home are clear of snow and ice, and spread with sand/salt as necessary to prevent injuries/damages
  • Personally transport valuable electronics, to avoid damage from the more extreme temperatures of the moving truck
  • Be prepared for the long drive, with:

    • Safety equipment (salt, kitty litter, shovels, flares, first-aid kit)
    • A recently serviced, winter-ready vehicle for leaving Sioux Falls
    • Snacks and hydrating drinks for the hot weather in Phoenix
  • Have a change of clothes, towels and toiletries handy for a shower at the end of a potentially hot, sweaty move

After the consultation, our client was assigned a personal move coordinator: a responsive, single point-of-contact for the duration of the move, to help coordinate logistics, manage the moving staff, and help with anything the client may need.

Moving Day

Moving day arrived with snow on the ground! Moving in these conditions requires the care of professionals and our movers rose to the occasion with typical professionalism and care.

As part of our Full Service Packing feature, the Brouwer long-distance moving team provided all the packing materials, including extra padding and custom crating and strapping for the heavy and awkward items. Everything was packed up and loaded safely and efficiently, and the move was underway!

Three days later, and everyone had arrived in bright and sunny Arizona. Moving in hot weather can be just as hazardous as the cold, with concerns of slipping on ice replaced with the need to avoid heat-strokes and dehydration.

Again, the Brouwer crew met their tasks with calm and expertise. Everything was unloaded without incident, and yet another happy client was moved into a new home.

For more advice about long-distance moving, moving in hot or cold weather, or to get started on your own residential move with Brouwer Relocation Inc., get in touch with us today! Contact one of our friendly representatives or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and receive your free estimate.