Moving to South DakotaWhether you are looking to make the transition to living in rural America or simply looking to take advantage of the booming employment arena, South Dakota has much to offer its residents.  Moving to South Dakota can provide you with both some unique advantages and some obstacles along the way.  Here are some tips for when you are making your big move. Prepare for extreme weather.  Throughout all seasons, South Dakota can have some very extreme weather circumstances.  It is very important to consider the harsh weather conditions that you might encounter on moving day and plan ahead to deal with them. Be aware of the housing market.  South Dakota currently offers great employment opportunities, but this also has a large effect on the amount of available housing.  Housing can be difficult to find and is quickly becoming some of the most expensive in the country. Enjoy the scenery.  South Dakota has hundreds of natural parks and offers a great opportunity to view beautiful scenery around every corner.  Whether you are biking, hiking or just driving, ensure that you take time to get in touch with nature. Allow our South Dakota moving company to handle the heavy lifting while you prepare for your relocation.  Our South Dakota movers can also offer you a variety of secure storage options of any size or scope.  Get started with our professionals today.