Brouwer Relocation, a moving company in Sioux Falls, has been moving businesses to and from South Dakota since 1969. Offering an extensive menu of commercial moving services, Brouwer Relocation has been a leading mover and continually sets itself apart from other local movers with their professionalism and knowledge of executing a smooth and seamless moving experience.  What separates Brouwer Relocation, Inc from our competitors is the personal service our customers receive from our moving crew, customer service and sales professional team.  The owners of Brouwer Relocation are involved in day-to-day operations, and track each and every shipment to make sure you receive the best service possible.  If you are in the market for an affordable and efficient solution from moving your office, warehouse, hotel, or any other business, contact Brouwer Relocation to learn how we can make your move easy on you.

Currently, Brouwer Relocation is in the process of working with the Hilton Garden Inn to help open the brand new hotel in downtown Sioux Falls.  Located on the new Sioux Falls Riverwalk, this new hotel is 5 stories with around 120 rooms for guests.  Brouwer Relocation is receiving and storing all equipment and furniture for the new hotel in their warehouse.  They are providing deliveries over the next 5 weeks, usually 2 to 3 loads per day which includes; light bulbs, art work, TV’s, bed frames, carpet, wall paper, cabinets, dressers, and other contents for the hotel. Brouwer is also removing and recycling all of the debris left over from getting the hotel ready for the public.

The Sioux Falls Riverwalk just celebrated its one year anniversary and is continuing to become a landmark for residents and tourists.  Inspired by the San Antonio Riverwalk, Mayor Mike Huether’s vision of building a similar riverwalk in Sioux Falls has come through and continues to draw in new businesses who want to invest in the river front.