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Whether you are moving soon or just need a little more room, Brouwer Relocation, Inc. has safe storage solutions for any need. As experienced moving and storage professionals since 1965, we have maintained a secure warehouse facility that has plenty of room for items of all shapes and sizes. Feel free to keep your belongings in our warehouse for as long as you require.

That's not all Brouwer Relocation has to offer!

We will also provide pick up and delivery of your items to your home, or business in Watertown. As agents for Atlas Van Lines, we have the resources necessary to transport your belongings to any part of the country when you need them.

A Wide Range of Storage Solutions in Watertown

If you have valuable or sensitive items, you don't need to be concerned about them with us. Our 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse storage facility is well staffed and monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras. We also boast fire protection systems with sprinklers, burglar alarms, and climate controlled areas. Brouwer Relocation can handle the special requirements of storing your items for the short or long term.

Let us tell you more about our storage solutions. We offer:

  1. Household Storage: Keep excess household belongings in storage over the holidays, or pack for a long distance move early and we'll store them until ready for shipping.
  2. Commercial Storage: Our storage facility is a great place for extra furniture and equipment when not in use. We also coordinate with you to manage commercial moves of all scopes and sizes.
  3. Records Storage: If your business requires hard copies of important data, allow us to store them offsite in our climate controlled rooms.
  4. Medical Storage: Keep patient records, x-rays, or simply financial records secure in our facility for the length of time required by law.
  5. Document Storage: Archived documents can be stored offsite with us to protect them from fire or theft.
  6. Records Management: When your business requires a lot of paperwork, allow us to organize and maintain those documents and deliver them, as needed, to your staff.
  7. Boxed File Storage: We'll properly pack documents in sturdy file boxes and store them in climate controlled rooms to free up some space for you.

Ask About a Free Quote for Our Watertown Storage Solutions

When you simply don't have the room you need, there are other solutions available. Brouwer Relocation, Inc. can provide storage in our monitored warehouse facility for as long as required, and even make deliveries of items to you.

Instantly gain more floor space in every room!

If you are searching for offsite storage in Watertown, give us a call or fill out our online form. We'll provide a no-obligation price estimate for your storage needs during a free consultation.

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